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Just a Few Out of Millions

There are millions of boating enthusiasts out there who would love to do nothing more than get to the water, meet awesome people, and have an amazing, relaxing day with friends-new and old.  We are part of those millions, but we don't want the fun to end when we get off the water...that is the sole purpose of this site.  We hope that you enjoy visiting as much as we enjoy creating, and in doing so, keep the good times flowing all year long!

For us, Boating is the most fun we'll ever have. If you are visiting this website, the chances are great that you feel the same way! Never been out? We've got that covered too, with helpful tips and tricks.

Anyone from toddler to retired can find this recreation enjoyable. There are so many different types and activities, and they are all fun! If you are new to this amazing experience, you'll be "hooked" in no time!

Perhaps our favorite outings are when we can cruise around the lake or river and just enjoy beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery and the people we're with. It is so relaxing, after a long work week, to load up on a Friday evening and head out on the water for a few hours to unwind, and start the weekend off right! Sometimes we pack food and drinks, and sometimes we just see where the water takes us. But by the time we get back to the dock, we're relaxed, our "batteries" are recharged, and the world just seems like a better place. Think I'm "full of it"? Then you've never been boating!

From pulling bouncing tubes of people to making a huge wake for wakeboarders, water skiers, and jet skis. You can snorkel, scuba dive, and treasure hunt. Or simply enjoy the calm serenity of fishing or kayaking. Whether you are always on the go or more of a spectator, there is an activity waiting for you in the nearest body of water.

There are plenty of boat enthusiasts who, just like car enthusiasts, want it Bigger, Louder, and Faster! Motors get built up, second (and third and fourth) propellers get added, and before you know it everyone is talking about max speed and W.O.T.(Wide Open Throttle).

So, launch the boat into those amazing waters of the nearest lake, river, or ocean and start enjoying! But if you have any questions or queries, explore our website first and hopefully get some helpful answers, suggestions, and recommendations.

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"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

-Jacques Cousteau