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Boat Notes-Thank the Boating Gods for another great season
October 03, 2012
Hey there Boaters!

Another Boating season has come to an end here in the Mid-west and we're preparing to put our baby to bed and start planning for next year!

But before we do that we took the chance(as did many others) to run out to the River one last time before the first freeze. Read the small log entry about it. Captain's Log 13

At Boaters for Life when we're not on the boat, we're thinking about being on the boat, so it's only natural that we take good care of the vessel. Read up on preparing for the cold weather! Winterizing Your Boat

In the mean time, we'd like to say thanks for visiting our website! And if you get some time and want to share your favorite lake or body of water, or marina with us, we would love to hear about it! Just visit our Contact Page.

Thanks again and Happy Boating Dreams!


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