Arizona Lake Powell Vacation

Do you want to be amazed by gorgeous scenery and beautiful water? Then an Arizona Lake Powell Vacation could be just the ticket! I'll be one of the first to tell you, there isn't a whole lot else to do on this vacation besides boating, but I'll also tell you, it is one of the most amazing sites you'll see. The Glen Canyon Dam makes the beauty of the Grand Canyon and the fun of a lake blend together in this vacation and give you a place to explore by day and camp by night.
You can rent any watercraft from a jet ski to a luxury house boat! Once you're on the water, getting off won't be necessary. There is so much "prime real estate" on this lake to anchor up to, you won't have a problem calling it home for the duration of your stay. There are nice soft sand bars and coves and inlets all over the place, making it easy to choose a spot that makes you feel like you're in your own paradise!
Or stay at one of the local hotels after a day on the water. There is just one resort/hotel/campground right on the lake itself

Lake Powell Resort & Marina

Lake Powell Resort and Marina is a nice place to stay, especially if you don't want to be too far from the water. It is a short mile or two from the town of Page, Arizona, but you may not even feel the need to go into town because this resort has it's own restaurants and lounge as well as marina with gas docks. They also have a nice souvenir/gift shop that is open to the public-we found this to be one of the only places to get some great souvenirs. We found rooms starting around $150 a night in the summer. You can stay in the hotel/resort or camp at the campground.

Super 8, Page, Arizona

The Super 8 in Page-which is just a mile or two from a close boat ramp-is one of the least expensive hotels we found. The hotels towards the outside of town will be your best bet if you are towing your boat, and this area is near the Wal-Mart. The Super 8 is easy to get to and has plenty of parking. The rooms are your typical hotel rooms, they have an outdoor pool, and a free continental breakfast. Not too many frills here, but we found rooms starting around $100 a night.

Ever see a House Boat pulling 2 twenty foot motor boats and 4 jet skis? You will if you vacation here! There is also the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Navajo Canyon, La Gorce Arch, and my personal favorite Cathedral in the Desert-all of which can be seen from the lake. Page, Arizona is a small town situated right next to Lake Powell. Hotel rooms in this town can be expensive, but you probably won't spend a whole lot of money on shopping or other excursions, because there isn't a large variety of tourist stores or amusement parks to visit. You can find plenty of rafting and even canyon tour trips on your short drive through town. There is also a decent number of original restaurants, ranging from pizza and italian to mexican cuisine not to mention your typical fast food chains. The crowds seem to get to town as the sun is setting from a long day of boating, so you may have to wait for a table if you don't have reservations.

If you don't mind a little drive, about 3 hours away is The 4 Corners, the place where Colorado, New mexico, Arizona, and Utah all meet up. There is a monument there that you can photograph and typically some local vendors selling some cool trinkets and merchandise.

Or if you wanted to visit another fun-filled lake while you're in the area, Lake Havasu is a 6 hour drive from Lake Powell, and if you want to party, this is where you want to go. Be sure to check schedules for Boat Shows, there are some of the fastest and most beautiful motor boats you've ever seen around this lake. And when they are on display it is quite a treat! We happen to be Donzi fanatics, so Donzilla is our personal favorite!

All in all, an Arizona Lake Powell Vacation is a wonderful choice for the true Boat/Water lover.

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