Boat Maintenance

Being able to take your boat to a professional for yearly maintenance is always nice, however, some of us don't always think the professionals are going to take as good of care of our "babies" as we will, so we take the initiative and do it ourselves, ensuring the job gets done correctly and nothing gets overlooked. Also gives us some bonding time, and makes us, as boat owners, know all the "ins and outs" of our own vessels, so if there is a problem down the road, we have a better understanding of what exactly is going on in there.

Winterizing Your Boat

Before the weather gets to the point of freezing, you want to be sure that the boat is all tucked in for winter. Get your winterizing tips here-broken down into 3 easy, yet essential, areas of necessity.

Summer-izing Your Boat

If you followed our guide for Winterizing Your Boat, the "de-winterizing" or as we like to say "Summer-izing" process is a snap!  In just a few simple steps you'll be completely over the cold weather and on your way to the lake!

And just like with any of your prized possessions, be sure to clean that boat often, inside and out.  This process is important not only to keep a good running condition and long life of all parts of the vessel, but also to prevent the clingy plants and animals (that can harm the bio-diversity of alternate ecosystems) of one body of water from invading the next when you travel to a different lake, river, or ocean.  So don't forget to give it a good wash, or at the minimum - a spray down after a day on the water to freshen 'er up and be ready for next time!

"Take your shoes off,"
purred the ocean waves.

-Dr. SunWolf