Boating Etiquette

Boaters are typically known for their laid-back and fun nature. However boaters are also operating large and sometimes expensive vessels which are, more often than not, a source of enjoyment, recreational activity, and leisure. Therefore these wonderful floating vehicles, as well as the peace of mind of the owners, deserve to be respected and taken care of, whether they are yours or a strangers. Here are our 6 "understood" Rules of Boating for boaters and their guests, to help everyone's enjoyment be at peak performance!

1. Always Wave to Other Boaters

Whether on the water or driving to the lake, true Boaters always wave!

2. Help Other Boaters

If you see a boat with the engine cover open, stop and see if they need help even if its just to use a phone.  A boat at the dock floating away?  See if you can help tie it down.  We've come across families with small children stranded in the middle of lakes, local fishermen who ran out of gas on the river, and several others that we have been able to help out in some way, we've never been sorry that we took the time to stop and ask another boater if they were doing ok.

3. Give Other Boaters Plenty of Room

Especially those performing water sports. 3 & 4 go hand in hand.

4. Always be Aware of Other Boats Around You

That is whether you're cruising around, at a dock, or beached.  Most lakes, rivers, and ocean areas don't have signs or signals telling you exactly where to drive.  On small lakes, on beautiful days, there are boats everywhere, doing everything, and not only boats, but windsurfers, kayakers, etc.  Just be sure you're extra cautious so there are no accidents.  If you don't feel comfortable knowing where everyone is all around you in the water, ask a passenger or two to help you out.

5. Don't Litter

Keep a roll of trash bags on your vessel so that you're always prepared whether you need them or not this time out,  you will one of these days and the rest of the world will thank you for keeping our waterways free of clutter, debris, and trash so they can be enjoyed by everyone for a long time to come!

6. Lend a Hand

Help out-that's what Boaters do! Sometimes the only person on a boat that knows what to do is the Captain, and he/she only has 2 hands. Guests who don't boat regularly may not know how to help, or how to stay out of the way!  If you'd like to help but aren't sure what to do, just ask, we don't mind giving orders if we need to, matey!  Helping out can come in many forms including but not limited to offering to bring some drinks or snacks when you go out, cleaning up the boat at the end of the day, pitching in on gas, or washing, waxing, and detailing the vessel ;-) .  It's a simple show of gratitude that makes us so glad that we brought you along into our little world for the day.

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