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Over the years of packing and going on trips, Camping or Boating, we've come to realize its hard to find those great items that make life easier while on the water or in the woods-also hard to remember them when you're not in those situations! So through trial and error, we have created a list for You, our dedicated readers, to help find that perfect Sunscreen, all-together handy chair, easy and delicious breakfast food, and all around handy items to keep on board! This is a small list of our "Boating Favorites"!

Eco Lips Lip Bal

We are absolutely in Love with Eco-Lips! They have a wonderful SPF Lip Balm that comes in different flavors that smell and taste yummy as well as protecting your lips from getting scorched or drying out! We love it so much, we use it year round.

Flip N Hitc

Amazing! The Flip-N-Hitch is super awesome, especially if you tow a boat or camper or really any kind of trailer regularly. It practically eliminates the backing up, getting out to see where you are, backing up some more, getting out to see where you are again, etc. Get within the 10" triangle ramp, and it secures the trailer onto the hitch in seconds. Go to the Flip-N-Hitch website and watch the video to see how easy it is! You'll quickly realize why this easily makes our "Boating Favorites" list!

Do you want your boat to look brand new?  Then try this stuff, it is absolutely fantastic!  This specific link goes to a 3 step system of Meguiar's Fiberglass Oxidation Removal Kit.  After just the first step you see major improvements and it just gets better from there.  It works wonders, after using it, we see reflections where we thought only a new paint job or gel coat could be the answer.

Camping Chai

This item may seem obvious, however it must be mentioned that we use it not only for camping, but on the boat as well! We really enjoy beaching the boat on a sand bar and getting in the water to cool off. Often times, we'll take these handy chairs out and put them in the water and sit in them that way, it's relaxing and it even has a drink holder! Cheers! They do sell these chairs at all sorts of places, but since we use ours quite frivolously, we try to find them as cheap as possible. I wouldn't pay more than 9 dollars for one.

Shake N Pour Pancake

I am always trying to think of new and easy foods to make while camping. I want them to be easy to prepare, delicious and preferably hot, but also with as little mess as possible-there isn't always a sink handy so thats always a consideration for me. These Bisquick Shake and Pour Pancakes are awesome for this! We always have a case of water on hand when out and about for recreation so just bring some spray butter and a bottle of syrup and you're good to go! Did I mention they are delicious too!

Clippy Strap

We use these Clippy Straps every time we go Boating. We don't have good locations for our cleats, so instead of tying a rope to the boat to hang the bumpers off the sides, we use these handy straps. Just clip the ends around whatever your tying to, and your "off".....or "on" as the case may be, in seconds. They can be found at most outdoor sporting good stores or discount stores and only cost a couple bucks.

Banana Boat SPF 50

Every spring we gather our favorite boating things to make sure we have everything we need. One thing we can never forget is sunscreen, however we always seem to forget which one it was that we liked so well the year before. We found that Banana Boat SPF50 Sport Spray is great! It sprays on even and generously, and we typically don't have to re-apply as many times as with others. It does its job without being streaky or spotty, and the sprayer keeps working even if you haven't used it in a couple weeks. Sunscreen is expensive enough without having to buy a couple different ones to see which is the best. And when you're in the sun that often, you need something great!

I will say though, that here at Boaters for Life we've undergone a transition since last boating season, to try to be healthier and more chemical free when it comes to our bodies and what we're putting on them and in them.  So in this sense, we have concocted a chemical free sunscreen that we make at home.  If this interests you, click here for the "how to", or simply click on the "Healthy Boater" tab on the left.

Repel Insect Repellent Stakes

Summertime is amazing but full of other critters who like to bug you, but instead of putting on some crazy bug spray while sitting around the campfire, try using these bug repellent stakes.  They work kind of like incense and amazingly well.  Best part: you don't have to get all sticky(or stinky) from spraying yourself.  Just remember to stake them upwind!

But if you do get to the point where repellant stakes are just not doing the trick, we have a very simple Homemade Mosquito Repellant you can mix up at home and take with you on your trip.  Best part is, if you accidentally spray it in your mouth, it's completely safe!

Do you have a "Boating Favorite" you would like to share? Fill us in on what the fuss is all about!

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