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There is alot to remember when going out on the boat for the first time ever or just for the season! Here at Boaters for Life we are well aware of this, and as one of our main goals, we strive to help provide any boater, new or old, with the necessary (and unnecessary) information that hopefully will make your time out on the water smart, safe, and pleasurable. Scroll down the page, there is something for everyone on Boating 101.

Beginning Boating

Beginners Boating Tips

More Beginners Boating Tips

Before deciding that boating was the greatest past-time you would ever know, did you get invited out with a friend and when they were trailering, backing into the water, and launching the boat you thought to yourself "this looks pretty easy!" only to find out you could hardly tow your new boat to the lake without running over every curb on your way, and taking 20 minutes to back up to the dock? It is a tough lesson to learn, especially when you're doing it on your own! But don't worry, after a little practice, and a few Beginners Boating Tips from Boating 101, you can get out on the water with confidence and begin enjoying, just like your buddy did the day he took you out for the first time. On this page we give a short walk-thru of important lessons in Boating.

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Boating Etiquette

Boating Etiquette

Boaters are some of the most friendly people you will meet. There are certain "unspoken" manners or Boating Etiquette that help them to remain friendly. Since they are "unspoken" we thought we should make a list of these manners so you will know why that guy in the boat over there is staring at you!

Requirements for a Vessel

Vessel Requirements

In order to Cruise our nations waters safely the United States Coast Guard has provided a list of Vessel Requirements. If you happen to be putting around in the water and all of the sudden a boat with a flashing light pulls up next to you, there is a great chance the operator of that boat will ask you to show him/her all the items on the list. It is a major Boating 101 lesson NOT to leave the dock without them!

State Boating Guides and Information

State Boating Guides

Keep up with the Boating Rules and Regulations of your state. Most State Guides for Boating include great Safety Tips and Vessel Requirements. If they aren't noted in your state's Boating Guide, they can be found on our site as well.

Create a "Float Plan"

It is always a good idea to let someone know where you are going and when you'll be back when you take off for no man's land in the middle of a giant body of water-or even a little puddle.  This site has created a guideline for that process.

In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of you are found all the aspects of existence.

-Kahlil Gibran

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