Captain's Log 1-4/28/2012

Getting Ready for Milford

It's just beginning to be Boating season here in the Midwest. It's only April 28th, and we've already been out twice so far. Both times in March, but we had a few weeks stretch of weather in the 80's, what were we supposed to do??? The first time it was just us, we always go out alone the first time each year, its really just a test run to make sure everything on the boat is running good and to make sure we haven't lost our touch.

We have a certain "system". One of us backs the boat in while the other is in the boat turning on the blower, getting out the ropes and buoys, and putting all of our crap in its respective places and once in the water-starting it up to let it run for a minute while the other person walks to the boat from the parking lot.

We don't have a slip anywhere that we keep our boat, just for the simple fact that we like boating in different places all the time, and we have a really big drive-way so we usually just have the boat there.

When we back away from the dock that first time its always kind of a wierd feeling, a Great feeling, but also almost like you don't know what to do with yourself because its been so long! It only takes a minute or two before one of us is digging in the cooler and the other is choosing a c.d. to listen to. We're big Country music fans-especially when boating so we usually make a c.d. at the beginning of each year that kind of becomes that year's "soundtrack". We haven't made one yet this year so we just listened to one of the c.d.'s from the past.

Once we are all settled-after we put sunscreen on, it is that wonderful feeling again. The feeling like we were just born to be right here. On this lake. In this boat. Enjoying eachother's company and the nature that surrounds us.

The first outting went great. The next weekend we came back for more and had a buddy along for the ride too. It was a perfect day. We went to the same lake as the first time since some of our other favorite spots didn't have their docks in the water yet but hey, we were just happy to be out! That day went so fast, before we knew it, it was getting dark. We haven't been out since then because the cool weather decided to come back for a bit, but we're getting ready for our big Memorial Day Weekend Trip.

Memorial Day is a holiday to observe, and also kind of marks the beginning of Summer. So, like many other Americans we celebrate our freedom and the beginning of Summer by heading to
Milford Lake and we camp and boat all weekend long with anywhere from 10 to 30 of our closest friends.

We always tow our boat down there, and usually a couple of the other guys bring their boats too. Its a fun and relaxing party all weekend long. Seeing as that is a month away we are still in the planning and preparing phase. And as we all know "Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance"! We usually plan who's bringing what food and how much beer and whatever other drinks. We'll bring some firewood and plenty of chairs. S'mores, hot dogs, fruit, water, sunscreen, pancake mix, games-all those make the list.

At this point we've pretty much put everything on the boat that we'll probly need. The wakeboard, the snorkel equipment, the almighty tackle box, the koozies. Hopefully the weather is Amazing!

Thats all for now in the "Readiness" department. I'll let you know more in the coming weeks.

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