Captain's Log 10 - 8/18/2012


We decided we needed to go down real quick and check out what Lake of the Ozarks had to offer. We also wanted to see if this would be a journey you could take over just the weekend, since everyone usually seems to go there for a 3 or 4 day weekend.

We drove down Saturday morning. Took us about 5 and a half hours to get there, and we did not tow our boat this time. My cousins were already there and had rented a pontoon boat to party on so the plan was just to hop on with them. The drive was fine, and we would easily be able to do it while towing the boat. With all the little "fingers" and coves around the lake, when you get close the roads are curvey and somewhat narrow, but definitely pass-able.

We got to the lake right around 2:30 and the cousins came and picked us up at the dock of the Wyndham, which was where they were staying for the weekend. We headed over to the nearest Party Cove and met some awesome people and had a blast swimming around in the gorgeous clear water and putting out the word. Nothing is better than a nice relaxing road trip weekend! We love visiting new places, especially lakes, and seeing all the people and the fun everyone is having. There were some awesome boats in that cove.

We thought it was pretty sweet that the patrol boats were Donzi's. We also found it super nice that there was a lovely "pontoon boat food service". They made some different foods and had little tiny boats to ride on to get the food and everything. You never have to worry about packing a lunch on that lake! Love it! After a while of enjoying the party cove it was already time to return the boat, so we headed back. We only saw a small portion of the lake so we definitely are planning another trip down. We would love to hit up the bars and see more!

That night we chilled at the condo at the Wyndham Resort which was really nice, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, full kitchen. We grilled out shrimp and had an amazing dinner and partied the night away with awesome company!!! We took off early in the morning and headed home. It was an amazing and yet short weekend trip, but we hope to see everyone again real soon! Love you, Ozarks!

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