Captain's Log 11 - 8/28/2012

Careful What You Ask For, You Just Might Get It!

So this was not your typical Tuesday. Captain Joe and I had a day job working at the same place as eachother for the past few years. I think often times it happens where a job starts changing. Whether it is the boss who changes, the rules that change, the environment, or maybe even the person themselves. But change is inevitable. The past year or so it just hadn't been the same as it used to be, for whatever reason. We tried hard to power through, maybe it was just a phase. But alas, it just got too heavy for the both of us to still be there, so Captain Joe decided he would make a change. He told the boss that he was giving his 2 week notice, the boss told him to get out, then the boss came back to my desk and told me to leave too, and then started telling everyone that Joe and Lauren no longer work here. So evidentally we were fired, or I was fired and Joe....well who knows, details.

We went home. We had actually been praying for a change, whether it was a change within the work place, or a change of job or what have you. Can't get mad for gettin' what you ask for!

Joe mowed the lawn and I talked on the phone, and before you know it, we were packin' a cooler and headin' to the river.

It is, afterall, Tuesday so there weren't a whole mess of boats out like there would be on a weekend, but that was just fine with us. It was perfect weather! We did see a few boaters out there, and about the same number of fishermen.

The afternoon started off alittle slow, but after a couple drinks and some reflection on the day's events to that point, things picked up a bit. We went up River. We went down river. We floated. We beached. We sat and chatted on a sand bar. We went back up river. We stopped and sang at the top of our lungs. We listened to Country music, Rock music, Pop Music, Classic Rock, if we had Classical we probably would have heard some of that too! We went back down river. We sped all over the place! We found a really nice looking 19 foot Bayliner tied up to a log on one of the sand bars that was abandoned. We investigated. We tried to find a switch for the battery so it wouldn't drain all the way-we didn't find one.

Turns out, there is no better therapy than a little sun, sand, speed, adventure, and good conversation. The water has gotten a little cooler in the past few weeks from the rain that we finally got, but it turned out to be a nice hot day, so it felt perfect. Finally after we had had enough of taking in all the life, beauty, and adventure we could, we decided to go back to the dock-fast of course, but then we "accidentally" passed it and had to float for a little while longer. We made it...eventually.

We got 'er onto the trailer, dropped 'er off at the house and headed to Wendy's for a salad and burger. Which is a pretty normal "boating routine" for us.

All in all it was an amazing day, there were ups and downs, but definitely way more ups than downs, and now Captain Joe and I get to look forward to what will happen in our amazing future and going out on the water whenever we want!

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