Captain's Log 12-9/19/2012

Boating and Allergy Season
...Lesson Learned

This day started off like many others, fair weather, doing chores around the house, and mainly lovin' life. After a while I went out to check on the garden and realized it was hot out, we should be on the boat! So we packed up and headed for the river, just minutes away. All day Captain Joe had been feeling great and working outside, but as soon as we got in the truck and were a few blocks from the house, the wind started gusting and he started sneezing...allergies.

We always have toilet paper in the truck, 'cause you just never know, so he began blowing his nose. We got to the dock, put the boat in the water, and headed up river.

Amazingly for a Wednesday, there were plenty of boats out. Then again it was the first day in a week or two that was decent for boating, and when it comes to September in Nebraska, we take what we can get! Cheered on a couple boats racing eachother, but mostly everyone was just floatin' with the current and relaxing. The winds picked up a bit, and pretty soon Captain Joe was blowing his nose every 10 minutes. And man, were those flies biting! Luckily we had some insect repellant, but that only worked to a certain degree, those flies were hungry!

We relaxed and floated down river for a while with the other boats, all the while Captain Joe trying to keep up with his sinus'. Listened to some good music, appreciated the scenery, waved to our fellow boaters, took some pictures, had a couple drinks, talked talked talked. The plan was to stay out at least until sunset so we could watch it on the water, however, after a few hours we were on the last of the toilet paper, and nearing the dock. Captain Joe used the rest, and we headed in. (Note to self: Never leave home without allergy pills!)

Even though we went in a little earlier than planned, it was a perfect mid-week relaxation from the drama of life. Some people like to go to the bar, we'd prefer to get on the water. I think everyone out there that day felt the same.

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