Captain's Log 13-9/30/2012

Special Trip Out To Say Thanks!

We are fortunate to have been given a little extra time on our hands the past few weeks to focus on what's important to us. Boating has given us so much in the past years, and we're so glad that we can give back in whatever way possible. This extra time has helped tremendously to the cause, so although getting fired from our jobs a month ago was slightly unexpected(you can read about that adventure here), it has also proven to be an amazing opportunity.

So in true Boaters for Life fashion, we headed out for what has proven to be the last voyage of the season, and noticed a whole lot of other boaters were doing the same. We basically spent the day enjoying all the boats, the beauty of nature, and the nice, warm weather. Never forgetting to thank the Boating Gods for another amazing season of fun in the sun!

The water is a bit chilly this time of year, but it's tough to complain when it is almost October in Nebraska and you're on the boat!

Perhaps we'll get to visit one of our friends in their warm weather climates over the Winter so the withdrawal symptoms don't do us in!

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