Captain's Log 14-4/28/2013

Learning How to Relax All Over Again

Mother Nature has been taking her sweet time coming around with the warm weather this year, and just now, when we thought it was safe, she's giving us one (hopefully) last Wintery mix this week.  However, last weekend when it was gorgeous out, we were finally able to take the boat out for our first run of the year.

We headed over to a small lake about 10 minutes away-which is our normal routine-to get in the water, make sure everything is running great, and try to remember how to totally relax and unwind. 

This first yearly outing has been beneficial, this year and years past, not only to the safety and function of the boat, but to jogging our collective "chillax" mentality.  There have been Winters that have been so stressful that when Summer came around and we got on the boat for the first time, we simply didn't know what to do with ourselves.  We felt like we should be cleaning or fixing or doing something.  It takes a little getting used to, and some years are easier than others, but this first trip out is always a great reminder of why we devote so much time to boating.  Being able to enjoy each others company, nature, good music, and the over-all feeling you get when you're on the water is just a reminder of why this recreation is at the top of our list of things we love.

So once we got the relaxing part figured out, and the boat was doing great, we practiced relaxing a while more and then decided to call it a perfect day.  All-together everything went smooth, it was a bit more windy than we'd prefer, but hey, we were finally out there so we call that a "win"!  Can't wait to get on the a couple weeks.

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A lake carries you into recesses of feelings otherwise impenetrable.

-William Wordsworth