Captain's Log 15 - 5/25/2013

It's Tradition

At camp, Fort Dirt in the background

Every year at this time we take the chance to have a long weekend of doing nothing but having a good time, relaxing, and getting back into the swing of things.  We gear up and travel hours from home to go camping and boating without all the modern conveniences to distract us from the beauty that surrounds.

Every year we choose what to pack, where to camp, and to look at the bright side.

Every year Captain Joe brings his inverter and coffee maker.  And every year he finds a new use for his machete.

Every year we spend the first evening realizing all over again that ticks fall from trees, cans don't burn, and the best dinner is a quick, easy, hot one.

Every year there is at least one crappy weather day, one innovative idea, and one person who can't stand the smell of tequila.

Every year we meet someone who makes us thankful for who we are, excited about where we can go, and who makes us want to leave a day early!  ;)

Every year we learn from the year before.  We learn that we never used the paper plates we brought, we used ALL the wood, and we almost ran out of clean underwear.  Some of these mistakes can really break a person!

Most of all, every year we remember.  We remember where we put the ropes, the name of the guy with the yellow bayliner, and why we love Boating more than anything else!

Thanks Milford.

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I can't wait for long summer nights out on the lake, wake boarding 'til sundown.  Nothing like being on the lake all day and all night long.