Captain's Log 18 - 7/13/2013

Present and Past

We have been so busy this summer that we hadn't even gotten a chance to go boating in our own neck of the woods yet.  So we were more than thrilled when we had a free day to do whatever we wanted, of course we chose to go to the River.  The water is a little low this year, so the docks are more 'challenging' than normal, but we got 'er in there. 

Right away we headed down stream past the "energy" plant, past the airport, past the lonely Phillips 66 sign, past the old bar that was so amazing(shout out to Anchor Inn), past the River City Star, and slowed down near the old Rick's Boatyard and the "riverfront".  There was some festival going on there, so we hung out in that area for a little bit.  I'm just realizing that the River around here used to be a lot more enticing, but that flood a couple years ago really did a number on the businesses that we frequented.  It's a damn shame.

After a while, we decided to head back up-river, and found a sand bar of our very own-which aren't hard to come by these days with the water level where it's at.  We relaxed and talked about the river and the mud and the water and the meaning of life.  We stuck around there for a few hours and on the way back up-stream ran into an awesome CD we just couldn't stop listening to, so we just kept going.  Past the dock where we put in, past the cabins and houses, past the chicken and fish place, past the houses on stilts, and up a bit farther until, alas, a slow song came on.  We casually drifted down-stream until the music sped up again.  Evidently, tempo has quite the effect on speed. At nightfall we were at the dock again and ready to call it a day. So we pulled 'er out of the water and headed on.  Plenty of boats out that day having a great time, and we were one of them.  Thanks River!

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Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.

-Wallace Stevens