Captain's Log 2-5/6/2012

Boating at Sunset

Yesterday was nice and hot, so we went out on the boat for a little while. There were quite a few other boats out, it was great, everyone was enjoying the water and some tubing and wakeboarding going on. So it was a great day to be out, relax, have a drink, and chill with a couple friends for the first time of the year on the boat. We cruised around at first for alittle bit(always gotta start with some speed), and found a spot where we could float and watch the action of the other boats and partiers and have a good time. We stayed out long enough to see the Sunset even though towards that time it was starting to get alittle cool out. It was great - spring-time on the boat - I have a really good feeling that the warm weather is here to stay!

Our buddies that came out will also be going on the Boating and Camping trip for Memorial Day Weekend so we planned the Shrimp Boil! YUM! It's all coming together.

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