Captain's Log 22-5/31/2014

First Date.....

This day, so late in the season, was our first out on the water, so true to the Safety First rule, we headed to our favorite close-by lake as opposed to heading river way.  This lake just so happens to be the same one we visited our very last time out last perhaps we're just picking up where we left off.

While we waited to put in, we witnessed a boat getting in the water that had let another boat - which had already been docked for a fisherman - float away.  By the time we offered to take the fisherman to his boat, a jet ski was towing it back to the dock for him.  For the most part, through the years we have witnessed kindness after kindness from boaters for favors small to large, but once in a while there's a new guy, or perhaps less attentive captain that slips through the cracks.  Hopefully those boaters will witness their own random acts of kindness and join in the camaradery.  After all, when you're on the water, it's great to have some friends around if the need arises! 

Once in, we drove around the lake a bit, letting the engine warm up and get all the cobwebs out, and then we headed over to the shallows to hang out amongst the other boaters. There were a few clouds out, but the weather was nice and warm, and the water...a perfect temperature.

We spent the afternoon talking, making new friends, and generally enjoying being half-naked in the sun once again.  Upon leaving we took  a "Hot Lap" around the lake before going back to the dock.  Couldn't ask for a better "First Date" with the boat for the season, and she's running smooth and ready for summer.

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"There’s nothing–absolutely nothing–half so much worth doing as messing about in boats."

- Kenneth Grahame