Captain's Log 24-6/29/2014

Old Friends, New Boats,
New Friends, Old Boats

Back to the local lake again, all of the rain and storms have taken a toll on the nearby river and docks, so if we have the chance to go out at all, the lake is where it's at!

When we arrived at the lake our buddy wasn't far behind, with a couple of new friends, so the voyage got underway rather quickly.  Pulling into the shallows we were greeted by a lake native who's name is Jay, though Jay is just 4 years old, he made us feel right at home parked next to his pontoon boat. 

Soon we were on a first name basis with him and his dad.  After a while we realized that they lived next door to an old friend of ours that we hadn't seen in years.  And a little bit later those old friends turned up with a new boat they had just bought that day.  Is there anything more exciting to a boater than taking your new boat out for the first time!  We proceeded to talk, swim, drive around, and have a fantastic time until twilight when we finally called it a day.

Congrats on the new boat Jaime and Todd!

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A lake carries you into recesses of feelings otherwise impenetrable.

-William Wordsworth