Captain's Log 26 - 7/12/2014

Debris...Just Another Fun Challenge.

I checked on the river Friday to make sure we were good to go for Saturday out on the boat.  It looked perfect, no worries.

Saturday we got to the river after driving past boat after boat being trailered away from the water.  Once at the dock we realized why, there had apparently been some rain up north the night before because the trees, logs, and debris were running down the channel at a pretty decent rate of speed.  We were really looking forward to our day, and the debris seemed to be on a pretty well determined path, so we said the hell with it, and put in anyway.

Turned out to be a fun little adventure.  We headed down the river, towards the site where a concert was going on next to the water, slowly and with much caution, making sure to stay as clear as possible of the channel and all that went with it.  We had to switch sides once and a while, so we just found small areas where the trees and sticks and trash were thin, and slowly made our way across.  There was actually never a moment during that course that we felt very scared, helpless, or concerned. 

Once we got to the beach area to park for the duration, a few other boats joined and we all watched debris and logs go by on the water while the music started on the stage.  It was a great day to be on the water and plenty going on for the boaters that did try their luck, or skill.  We were really glad that we had chosen to press on with our plans and have a new challenge/adventure.  When we headed back some hours later, all the debris had passed and it was smooth sailin' home.  What a beautiful day.

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Rivers are roads which move, and which carry us whither we desire to go.

-Blaise Pascal