Captain's Log 28 - 8/30/2014

Algae, you're no match for Labor Day Weekend!

The preparations for Labor Day weekend were long and drawn out due to the Algae advisories at our favorite lake.  We decided to go ahead and see what all the fuss was about anyway.  There were a few green swimsuits at the end of the day, but nothing a bit of castile soap couldn't take care of.  Plenty of people braved the waters as well to get to the beach and hang out like us boaters love to do. 

The weather couldn't have been more beautiful on Saturday, and yet again the Bryton Stoll Band graced us with their presence on the sand.  Sunday the wind came up in the morning and by about 4:30 the dark clouds started rolling in.  So we left the beach a little earlier than usual, which ended up being the smart thing to do as a pretty decent storm came up and blew for an hour or two that evening.

All-in-all Labor Day weekend did not disappoint, we were so glad to have made it to the water and been able to enjoy the end of season hoorah with a couple hundred of our closest friends!  Never a dull moment, always a great time, can't think of a better way to spend the holiday weekend!

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