Captain's Log 3 - 5/30/2012

Wind, Wind Everywhere and not a drop to ......

So did everyone make it back to camp from Nudee Beach??? Yowza! There were a couple vessels whose safety we questioned for that voyage! Hundreds of people flocked to Milford Lake for the Memorial Day Weekend, unfortunately the wind flocked there too---fortunately we, and most of the others out there, are "Boaters for Life" not "Boaters if the Weather permits"! We all braved the giant 5 foot waves most of the weekend to make it to the safety of Nudee Beach, where the waters were magically calm and welcoming! Thank Heavens!

I remember 2 years ago when the winds were going the opposite direction and it was tough to park at the beach without ruining your paint job.

Luckily this year the water was alittle lower, the wind was out of the south, and there were plenty of trees to block it. The water being lower was awesome, almost everyone had a place to park along the beach, and some areas were two boats deep.

If you were Daring enough to go to Nudee Beach on Sunday you got a little treat, The Bryton Stoll Band set up shop on top of their house boat and played some jams most of the afternoon, it was Awesome! Free concert at our favorite place, doesn't get much better than that. They played some sweet Jimmy Buffett tunes, Zac Brown Band covers, and other widely known favorites. Well done!!!!

Not to mention our buddy brought plenty of mixed concoctions to share with the crowd. Most people preferred the Margarita Mix, but there was a small minority who loved the Hawaiian Punch Mixture. Basically if you were smart enough to be in his path while wearing the backpack, you would get a tasty treat. But just remember when he tells you that you must get on your knees to take the shot, its purely in good fun--afterall the backpack does work on gravity!

We also went out on Friday afternoon after the weather cleared up some. It was mostly cloudy with a few sprinkles in the morning and early afternoon, but once that went away we got on the boat and headed North from Thunderbird Marina. The water was great that day, not so rough as the following days. Had we known it would be the best of the three days perhaps we would have done a little wakeboarding. But when we got to the Beach there were plenty of people out having a great time. After a few hours we decided to go after what we really came out on the water for that day --------- the Famous 27 second cheeseburgers!!! I know you've heard of them if you've gone to Milford Lake, but have you tried them? Well you should, they are amazing and they hit the spot every time! They're at Milford Marina - which I believe if memory serves me right, used to be called Rush Creek Marina, but is now under new ownership as of a few years ago. They've cleaned up the place and added a nice homey touch, and they are about the nicest people on the lake. If you stop in, let them know we sent you!

And here we are enjoying being out for the Long Weekend!
Quick hello to Darrin and Shelli, those fun people from Fairbury-yes we know where that is, Shelly and Bryan, Nick and Whitney, Eugene and Shelly, that super cool chick who gave me the Camel menthol and put a BoatersforLife sticker on her body! You guys rock! Thanks for the Good times!!! See you soon!

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