Captain's Log 4 - 6/3/2012

First Time out on the River for the Year

We have been looking forward to going on the river for over a year now. Last year we weren't able to go on it because of the massive flooding. It was devastating, the flood waters came so high they took out many buildings and sites along the river-including our favorite summertime bar!

So when we heard the docks had been put in at our favorite drop spot, we were super excited to get out there and see what the river looked like now. We figured it would be alot of destruction and logs and debris, but much to our surprise it wasn't scary at all! One of my thoughts within the last week was, besides floating and enjoying the scenery there probably won't be much to do out there. I was WRONG!

First of all the River looked huge, width wise. The flood waters had taken out some of the sand bars on the sides and trees and what not, widening the path for boats and barges. We did hear of a few places where there are some shallow spots out in the middle to be careful of but we ran on about 15 miles of the river and didn't run into any of that. Some of our favorite areas, like the one with the bar or a marina, or an inlet, had been totally taken out, or in the case of the bar, had enough destruction to take a good while for repairs. We've heard that those particular owners are having a hard time with the city letting them rebuild and its not looking promising, which is a cryin' shame if you ask me!

However, we were pleasantly surprised to find an Awesome area that had been created by the flood, and it makes for a perfect party spot! Most lakes have a cove to party in or a certain beach everyone goes to, the river usually just had the bar or marina or something like that....well now, you can just load up a cooler and follow those big boats to the inlet right near the airport run-way. The sand bar in this inlet is big enough to fit 10 to 14 boats lined up along it, and the sand itself is amazingly soft! Best yet, once you enter the cove the waters are still, and our depth gauge said it was 20 feet deep in the middle of the small pond that formed. No worries about the rushing river waters taking hold of your boat-you don't even have to tie down or use your anchor. yesterday there were plenty of awesome boaters out there havin' a great time, basking in the sun and lovin' life with 60 or 70 of their new best friends! It was a very welcome sight to see. Thank you Boaters of the River for being Amazing! (And always finding ways to make the best of things!)

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