Captain's Log 5-6/10/2012

Dad's Birthday on The River

We hung out at The Cove and handed out stickers-which people love to stick various places, apparently they are a perfect size to take the place of a bikini top! Who knew! After a while we took off up river, we had dinner plans to get to, a couple miles up we hit some waves and the boat shut off......all by itself. How does that just happen? Well we figured somethin' must have gotten knocked loose since it happened mid-wave, so we checked the battery connections, and then got under the dash and took a look at the wires under there. In the mean time a Yellow and White Sun Tracker Pontoon came over and asked if we needed any help-You guys are awesome! Just want to say Thanks so much for that, it really means alot! And thats why we Love Boaters so much!!!! We got 'er taken care of pretty quick though and were able to keep on. Turns out it was just the ignition wires had come loose, so we stripped alittle more of them tied them together again real good, and taped 'em up. We always carry a small bag of tools on the boat no matter what. You never know what is going to happen, or what tools might be needed to fix the problem. In this case, even if we didn't have any tools, it still would have been an easy fix.

We made it back to the dock in no time after that, and made the dinner plans in a very reasonable time frame. Needless to say, my Dad had a great time, got to go out on the boat, see the city from another angle, see the new Party Cove, see our favorite way of life and all that comes with it. Thanks so much to all the Boaters that were out yesterday, even though we might not get to say hello, everyone creates that perfect atmosphere that we love so much!

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