Captain's Log 6-6/16/2012

Captain Joe's Birthday on the River

It's the Captain's turn to let someone else tell the story.....

Captain Joe's Birthday started off a little slow due to stormy weather. We had planned to head to the lake around noon, but it was still raining then so we held off alittle and went to drive go karts and stop at the casino real quick. By the time we had enough, the weather was starting to clear up enough to get out on the water. Captain Joe decided he would rather go on the River, so we did. It was the perfect day for it after all! A little cloudy when were putting in at the dock, but once we were out on the water things really started to heat up. We didn't go North at all, just started going South and when we were about by the airport, floated a while. Then we got the itch to see what was goin' on at the beach so we motored over there.

Although the river looked like it may have been alittle higher from the bridge, it actually went down a bit more than last weekend, so getting into the beach area was another small challenge, but the other beach dwellers assisted as usual with hand signals and we made it just fine, after all Captain Joe is a Professional!!!

The usual suspects were around and it was fantastic. Plenty of people out to party down. We had Jello Shots and everything! There was one boat we saw from last weekend again and man they know whats goin' on, crankin' the music and dancin' on a speed boat, we love it!!!! And there was finally a Pontoon boat out there, we haven't seen one there yet, so that was super! And although we don't own a Pontoon boat, we are big fans of them, and we have come to LOVE the song Pontoon by Little Big Town, it is a great boat song! Gotta add it to the Ipod.

Once we had enough of that business we got back in the boat and headed South a couple more miles. We didn't quite get to downtown, but close. Stopped on another sandbar, saw some geese, and got back in the boat again. By this time it was getting a little late and we headed back to the dock.

Overall the river is still pretty clear from debris. Last week when we were out there we saw a couple of logs floating, this time we didn't see one.

We talked to one boater who said he was at a lake a few hours south of us last weekend, and that while he was out on the water he came across a boat stranded out in the middle of the lake with a family of 4 on it. He stopped to see if they needed help and they told him they had been out there for 2 or 3 hours already and not one boat had stopped to see if they needed anything.
We got to talking about the difference between "River Experience" and none. Perhaps that is part of the reason we love boating on the river so much. When we were first going out on the river, I was not a fan, but after a while it became my favorite place to go. The people are wonderful, Boaters are awesome anyway, but on the river when you see someone who looks like they may need a hand, you stop. There's just no question about it, 'cause you can get in a jam pretty quick. And thats what is so great, the river that may seem alittle crazy or fast or maybe even scary if you don't have a completely reliable boat, suddenly becomes a carefree place to hang out, meet new people and get away. Don't get me wrong, we do Love boating on lakes, thats where we do all of our watersports and more, but sometimes people aren't as willing to help. It makes you wonder, is someone really too busy partying to help someone else out? Something to ponder I suppose.

Captain Joe's Birthday was Awesome! We got to hang out with great people, do what we love, hear new stories, and make up a few of our own. What could be better!

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