Captain's Log 8 - 7/21/2012

Cousins and Perry Lake

We decided it was time to see what Perry Lake in Kansas had to offer, after all we have cousins down there that had been telling us to come out for years!

We camped at Jefferson Point Campground, which is a really nice campground by the way, the grass was freshly mowed, the facilities were pretty clean, and there were huge trees everywhere for shade and privacy. I would definitely camp there again.

We went out on the lake around 11, and just to get our bearings, went straight over to Party Cove to see what was going on there. Although it was still on the early side, there were quite a few boats hanging out over there, and when you looked towards the bridge where the boats enter from, there were plenty more on their way! If you go down to visit Perry Lake and you want to party with the other boaters, head south, and when you have the dam in front of you, take a left. Go for a little ways and you'll see a bridge, go under the bridge, and there you are! Its a pretty good size cove and even though we weren't there on a holiday weekend, it was NOT disappointing! Plenty of big boats on that lake. The cousins were with us, so after we hung out for a little while, we headed towards the dam to do some wakeboarding. Its a pretty large lake, so the water was a little choppy, but not too bad. We all took a few turns and then decided to find the bar!

There is a bar not too far from there, but it's on top of the rocks looking over the dam and the lake, so its a tiny hike up to it. They did have a sign on the door stating that you should wear a shirt and shoes, but since none of us had on a shirt we decided to give it a try anyway. They obliged by letting us take a shot. Not a real busy place, that bar, but then again it was about 107 degrees outside, so I don't think anyone really wants to be too far from the water on a day like that!

After that we got back in the boat and went over to Party Cove, and ran into a pontoon boat with a water slide, all the girls had to give it a try so they swam over.

After that we met up with some more cousins and all tied up to one of the long lines of boats and hung out, partied a bit and made some new friends! One thing is for sure at Perry Lake, you better like to be in the water, they don't pull up to the beach at Party Cove, they like to wear the life jackets like diapers and just hang out in the water and free float around all day. Very chill!

It was an amazing day in Kansas, thanks to the cousins and the boaters at Perry Lake, we had an awesome time, and don't worry....we'll be back!

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