Kayaking, or Paddling as it may also be referred to, is a lot of fun and a nice little work-out! We don't own our own kayak, so when we go out it is usually in a rented one. That's not a problem because most larger lakes with good marinas or recreational areas around them have a place to rent kayaks.

This activity can range from easy to difficult depending on where you go. It can be simple and peaceful, or it can be a crazy adrenaline rush. You can go out all day, or just for an hour or two, by yourself or with friends. But once your out there, just make sure you have enough upper-body strength to get yourself back!

There are all sorts of different ways to enjoy this sport. There is Whitewater Kayaking where your manuevering through rapids and down waterfalls. And there is Sea or Ocean Kayaking which is typically a calmer experience on an ocean, sea, or lake and usually involves returning to the place you put your kayak in.

If you are a beginner and have an interest in this sport, try out a rented one to see how you like it or you can purchase your own sensible kayak starting around $300. However, be sure to do your homework, there are all different kinds of them from general recreation to sprint to whitewater kayaks. Figure out what you're looking for in this sport and go for it! You won't regret it, and neither will your new "super-fit" physique.

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