Scuba Diving

There is a whole other world under the water, and it is amazing! We spent a few years in Okinawa, Japan for the U.S. Military and while we were there we got Scuba certified. There are some of the most beautiful areas to dive, with exotic(and friendly) fish and coral. If you've never been Scuba Diving, we strongly recommend it! Find a place near you or on your next vacation to try it out, you won't regret it! Just be sure to listen carefully to your instructor, there are all sorts of dangerous plants and fish that look amazing...and typically the more beautiful and exotic they are, the more venomous they can be!

Keep in mind there is alot of equipment that goes into this sport. You've got a face mask, snorkel, flippers, BCD(bouyancy control device), weights, and air tank(s). It does get quite heavy with all the equipment on. Most places take tourists diving from a boat and drive out to a spot where you can just fall into the water from the boat. However, there are some places that take you to a coast-type location and you walk with your equipment to the water. This can get quite heavy, so if you have any disabilities or issues that may make it difficult to carry much weight, and we're talking 50-75 pounds on your back, then be sure to do your homework on the place that will be taking you out to find out if you will have to walk far with the weight or just drop off the back of a boat.

There are plenty of great places to Scuba Dive that aren't too far. Florida, Cozumel, and the Cayman Islands to name a few that are closer and will have the amazing and exotic sights you're looking for. If you want to get really crazy, go to Australia to the Great Barrier Reef or Hawaii or almost anywhere in the South Pacific. Even just snorkeling in these locations is a treat! The fish are like nothing you've seen before. They are huge, and if you visit a place where Scuba Diving is a very active sport, many times the fish are very friendly towards divers because they get fed by them often. And the exotic fish are just the beginning. There are tons of different coral to see, with shapes, textures, and growths you wouldn't imagine! Not to mention underwater caverns and caves, tunnels and swimming holes.

All in all, Scuba Diving is well worth it if you have the chance. It is amazing and exciting to see what a world practically undisturbed by human presence can be like. Breathtaking.

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