Have you ever walked along a nature trail to observe and see beautiful plants and animals? Snorkeling is a bit like that, only in the WATER with a mask, breathing tube, and fins. We never take this gear off the boat, because you never know when you'll want to see what's down there.

Snorkeling is more for shallow waters than Scuba Diving, but you can see just as many awe-inspiring sights. Between the colorful coral and the shimmering fish there is always something to catch your eye. And the great thing about it, is you can do it just about anywhere, and you don't have to buy a tank of air like with Scuba Diving. Beaches with rocks or coral are perfect places to Snorkel, fish love to hide in those small areas and feed off the algae that accumulates.

Also most public beaches and some beautiful lake areas have places to rent the gear you need, so it isn't a difficult sport to indulge in if you don't want to go all in and purchase the gear. However if you do want your own mask, snorkel and fins you can get them pretty cheap at a discount store, or you can get fancy high priced ones from a dive shop, that would really just depend on how much use you were planning on getting out of them.

Snorkeling is a nice, relaxing sport to try, however you do have to be very watchful. We were snorkeling once in Okinawa and I was just swimmin' along, lookin' at all the coral and fish and the coral got pretty shallow where it was just a foot or two under my stomach. I was only looking at what was right underneath me and all the sudden there was a blow fish a foot away from my face! I can't say that I have ever screamed through a breathing tube before, but now I know that it is not only possible, sometimes it is completely necessary! Luckily I was able to swim quickly over him without scaring him and making him blow up and prick me with his poinsonous spines!

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