Summer-izing Your Boat

If you followed our guide for Winterizing Your Boat, the "de-winterizing" or as we like to say "Summer-izing" process is a snap!  It's a very easy and straight forward routine and you can typically get it done in less than an hour.  Here are the steps to help you get your boat back out on the water...where it belongs!

For this process you will need:

  • "Earmuffs"
  • Garden hose
  • Big bucket or Storage tote
  • Fully charged marine batteries
  • The boat keys!

1. Reconnect 12 Volt marine batteries.

2. Attach garden hose to the house spigot and the earmuffs to the other end of the garden hose then attach earmuffs to the lower unit on the boat.

3. Place big bucket/storage tote under the lower unit/out-drive.

4. Lower the out-drive down so it is inside the big bucket/storage tote.

5. Turn the garden hose water on and start the boat engine.

6. Allow the engine to warm up and run long enough to flush out all of the anti-freeze we put in last fall, then turn the engine off.

7. Once the engine is flushed, turn off the water from the hose and raise out-drive back up.

8. Dispose of your anti-freeze properly(usually your local auto parts store will take it for free).

That's all there is to it!  Now put all of your skis, wakeboards, and tubes back on the boat and get out there!  See you on the water!

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