The perfect watersport for all ages and skill levels! There are so many different tubes to assist in the enjoyment of this recreation from the simple round guys starting around $50 or $60 to inflatable couches that cost around $400 to towable "bananas" that cost over a thousand dollars! The inflatable couches are the way to go if you just want to chill and have a nice ride, whereas the basic round "donut" type can see alittle more action, but the boat Captain is really the deciding factor of how "wild" a ride can be!

As with any watersport we take part in, we typically have enough people on the boat so that at least one person is solely in charge of holding the orange flag and keeping a close eye on the guys in the water. The orange flag is necessary to alert other boaters, letting them know there is a person in the water to watch for. We like to tie up 2 seperate tubes to the boat and have a person in each. From there it's basically up to the Captain as to how crazy of a ride they get. But often times, beside going in and out of the wake at the Captain's will, the riders may get in a battle of their own trying to push eachother over and out into the water. Captain usually stays within the 15-20 mile an hour range. As with wakeboarding we use the "thumbs up/down" method of communicating speed. Thumbs down = go alittle slower, and thumbs up = alittle faster please!

Tubing is probably the easiest water recreation, with anyone ages 3 to 83 partaking. Just be sure, as with all watersports, to wear a good life jacket or flotation device.....if the Captain is doing his job well, you'll need it!

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